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Ways to Secures IOT Enabled Smart Homes Device



Don’t Be An Easy Target:

Ways to Secures IOT Enabled Smart Homes Device

In today’s age of technological innovation, everything from a laptop to the handheld devices is at the potential risk of cyber threats. This cyber security risk keeps on multiplying with the introduction on the IoT, a technology that has connected each and every device around us.

Researchers predict that majority of consumer who uses IoT enabled devices fully rely on the technology and cannot easily give up on them. However, the potential danger associated with the smart home devices cannot be avoided. To help those consumers we bring you some effective ways to protect the smart home device.

Don’t Be An Easy Target:

Cyber criminals always look for the more vulnerable option which is easy to trick. So, if you enable the simple safety precaution on devices, you are less prone to risk.  Also, make sure to change all the manufactures default setting.

Turn On 2-Factor Authentication:

To prevent hackers to access your IoT world, always use the 2-factor authentication service on devices. The security service will send a message to your phone every time you wanted to log in and ensure your security.

Use Secure Your Wifi:

Cybercriminals can easily drive out your default wifi passwords and access your smart device’s data. Hence it’s important to use unique passwords which are hard to guess. Make sure not to use public wifi to control the smart device remotely.

Focus On The Router:

Routers are generally the gateways where the online exchange of data among the smart devices takes place. And, hence it is important to keep it secure by ensuring that the routers run on latest firmware upgrades, giving it a unique identity and most importantly keeping it connected to the internet when required.

Keep Software Up-To-Date:

As all IoT devices are connected to your mobile phones, the security of your handheld should be given top priority. Hence it is recommended to secure your smart phones from threats and keep it up to date with all software upgrades.


Today, the number of smart connected home devices is increasing swiftly and surprisingly making your life convenient. However, one must keep in mind to secure these devices from the potential risk.


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