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Ways To Secure IoT Devices From Security Breaches



Internet of things, a technology connecting every object around us is finding different ways to connect our homes and business. With the technology connecting everyone on the same network, it is important to note the security risk associated with this network and connected devices. In the rush of making life more convenient and easy, people often don’t realize the vulnerability they are adding to their home and business. Thus it is important to make sure that devices connected to the internet are secure and does not offer the route to hackers to attack your personal space either home or business.

Ways to secure IoT devices from threat:

Using devices with a password: when you buy any IoT device from the market, it comes with the default setting. However, to ensure better security standard, it is always important to change the default password making them personalized.  Consider picking a strong password, different for every device. A strong password should contain a combination of letters, number and symbols, which are not easy to guess.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication: Consider using IoT devices that offer two-factor authentications. The security concept adds an extra layer of security along with the fundamental password security. The secondary authentication will allow you access to any device or network using a onetime secret code sent to you through SMS or email.

Keep Your Device Updated: With continued advancement of technology, there is no device that can keep you secure for longer terms. This is why manufacture always comes with the new updates to keep the device up in terms of security aspects. Manufacture often prompt customers with the latest update available, but we still recommend you to visit the website, to avoid missing them. 

Always Turn Universal Plug and Playoff After Use: Basically, the purpose of the plug is to enable different devices to find and connect to one another. However, it is also known to add vulnerability risk to devices like printers, camera or routers, making them accessible to third-party attacks. Thus keeping security perspective in mind, it is best to turn the UPnP off when not in use.

Secure Your Router: A secure router is a building block for a secure IoT device. They are basically the network that connects all devices with one another. In this world of security breaches and threats using the routers provided by ISP, that lacks security aspects can cost you with the big loss. Thus using a router with the high-security standard is always recommended to avoid breaches and threats.   

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