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Top Technological Treads of Artificial Intelligence to Impact Enterprises In 2019



Deep Learning Platform

Top Technological Treads of Artificial Intelligence to Impact Enterprises In 2019

The market for Artificial Intelligence technology is witnessing a great boom. Moving beyond, what is expected, it has gained huge market attention in recent years. Today, the technology has begun to permeate every area of life. Researchers predict that the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow to more than $ 47 billion from the initial level of $8 by 2020.

Hence it’s high time for business personnel and technologist to watch all the technological trends closely and implement them to support human decision making.

Here is the list of few hottest AI technologies that enterprises need to adopt soon:

Speech Recognition:

Siri is definitely the most important innovation of AI that understands and responds to you when needed. The technology helps transcribe and transform the speech data into the commands which are understood by computers. Every day more and more companies are coming forward to offer this interactive and mobile system. Some of the renowned companies working in the sector are NICE, Nuance communications, Open Text and Verint system.

Machine Learning:

The fundamental idea behind artificial intelligence technology is to make machines, intelligent like a human that can learn everything easily. Equipped with the advanced algorithm, APIs, development and training tools, big data and other innovative tools, this thread is gaining more popularity. Today, the platform is used by many prominent industries including Amazon, fractal analytics, Skytree, Leverton and the technology giant Google.

AI Optimized Hardware:

Technology is transforming everything around us in a drastic phase. Hence to be ready for the next innovation in the market, most of the AI companies are focusing on ML/ AI oriented hardware designed. They are investing in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and appliances to run AL oriented tasks. Some of the sample vendors focusing on AI optimized hardware are Intel, Nvidia, Cray, and Google.

Decision Making:

This is another most important trend of AI that allows the machine to work on logic and form the required insight. Today, decision making is already implemented in various enterprise applications to handle training, maintenance, and management by automating decision making.

Some of the companies that offer this advance decision management system are Maana, Pegasystems, UiPath.

Deep Learning Platform:

Deep learning is the most advanced form of machine learning that is tempting many technologists. The technology by using the artificial neural network learns in multi-level, depending upon the levels of abstraction.

Some companies working on the concept are Fluid AI, MathWork, Saffron Technology, and Deep Instinct.

Wrapping Up:

Artificial intelligence technology is advancing drastically and hence it’s impossible to predict what holds for the technology in years to come. Through for now, it’s recommended to stay tuned with all the innovation and trends that come in, to stay ahead in this competitive business world.

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