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Starbucks Teams Up With Microsoft To Brew Up More Personalized Customer Experience



Customers waiting for orders, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and authentic taste are the few things that remained you of star bucks store near you. Here the process may seem simple, however, serving 100 million customers worldwide offering splendid customer experience is easier said than done. This is why star bucks turn up to Microsoft to quickly become as much a tech company, along with a coffee company.

According to the report on 6 may from tech news site GeekWire, united state based Starbucks has partnered with the global tech giant Microsoft’s azure Blockchain services in order to track coffee production.

The two companies at the Microsoft’s Build developer conference announced the series if initiative they would be working along. Under its initiative of “bean to cup” from 2018, the companies plan to allow customers to track the supply chain of the coffee from the place of its origin to your cup. It also targets offering coffee beans farmers’ financial assistance for production.

As per the announced, both the companies will work together in multiple ways to track the production. Their other project reportedly includes predictive drive-thru ordering (uses machine learning to gather customer preferences) and also using the internet of things (IoT) enabled equipment to connect coffee makers with Blockchain to trace out the coffees supply chain.

However, before teaming up, Microsoft and Starbucks have a connection at the highest level. As the current Starbucks Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Johnson was the former Microsoft executive.

While introducing the partnership Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “they are coming together to completely tackle what is that iconic experience that is Starbucks and incorporating digital throughout.” the two companies are working on:

Predictive Drive-thru Technology:

Use machine learning to give plenty of personalized recommendation based on customer order history. With the Starbucks mobile app, customers can get tailored customer services through reinforcement learning Blockchain platform based on Microsoft Azure

Connected Coffee Stores:

Every Starbucks stores have the number of equipments including grinders, blenders and coffee machines. With the Azure cloud the company is looking to connect all of them on IoT, to reduce disruption with the glitch of a single entity. Thus by connecting its devices to cloud Starbucks hopes to develop predictive maintenance across its store rather than reactive.

Bean to Cup Initiative:

Starbucks by using the Blockchain azure services from Microsoft is planning to track the coffee beans. The idea behind is to connect the coffee drinkers directly to farmers and field their coffee comes from.

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