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IoT future -What to Expect from the Internet of Things



The Internet has now become part and parcel of our life. Be it shopping or booking tickets or it is about playing games, the internet is much needed. Everyone today is living in an online world where technology has evolved over a period of time, it is the world of smart things where you can get things done sitting at the comfort of your couch.

Internet is not limited to computers, laptops or mobile phones. It’s the era where we’re surrounded by smart things like AI assistants, smart speakers, door locks even your washing machine is smart too. We can connect all the smart things at our office or home through IoT, Internet of things. Let’s talk more about this amazing idea of IoT.

The Concept behind IoT

IoT is neither a device nor any technological service. It is a term given to the inter-connected smart devices that makes life easier. As discussed above, these devices could be anything provided they are able to be connected wirelessly with each other. Devices like smartwatches, smartphones, speakers, virtual assistants and alike. The widely used device among all is smartphones. Smartphones are amazing handy devices through which we can connect to the number of other devices. In the rest of this blog, we are going to discuss some of the estimations about the future of the Internet of things.

Peeping at the Future of IoT

As per the past trend set by the IoT devices, the growing statistics set our expectations high. As a result we can expect considerable growth in the number of IoT enabled devices in the near future. If believe the tech experts, more than 20 billion IoT devices would be in place in the coming years.

Nothing could be perfect and so as IoT. According to tech geeks, cybercriminals can make use of the Internet of Things to execute DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attack. It is also estimated that IoT would not just be limited for the usage of individuals rather companies, institutes and other group of people can also make use of this technology to simplify and ease up their working mechanism. Besides this, IoT will continue to be the part of your day to day activities with all-new 5G network. 5G network is of course expected to be bigger, faster and smarter than all the previous networks.

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