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Google Opens Its Artificial Intelligence Lab In Ghana



Prominent tech giant in the US has opened its first artificial intelligence hub in Ghana, with an aim to take all issues and challenges across the African continent.

From SIRI to self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence has gone far in helping human civilization flourish by amplifying human intelligence with the AI. Today the technology has successfully outperformed human in all cognitive task that includes a high level of security, verifications, monitoring, decision making as well as control.  This is the reason, why we can see the AI flourishing at the accelerating pace and improving itself to get the grip of the market.

Google, therefore, is optimistic about AI and has set its lab in West Africa- first of its kind in the continent to transform people lives by offering AI solutions to fight problems including natural disasters.

At the occasion of the launch, Moustapha Cisse, Google head of AI Accra said the press “Africa has many challenges where the use of AI could be beneficial, sometimes even more than in other places.”

He further elaborated that our team goal at Google is to offers developers with all the necessary solution to build a system to solve all the challenges. Be it the issue related to agriculture, health, education or anything that Africa faces today.  

He said mostly whatever our team do at the research centers at Accra as well as any other Google lab, is published and have “open source code, so that everybody can use it to build all sort of things.”

The company has already opened similar research centers in various part of the world in cities including Tokyo (Japan), Zurich (Switzerland), New York (united state), and Paris (France).

Why Africa is a great market?

Africa present population is estimated to be 1.2 billion, out of which 60 percent of people are young. UN estimates these populations to get twice (around 2.4 billion) by the turn of 2050.

This rise in population is expected to make Africa a wider market and attract tech giants from the world to join the African landscape. These demographics have given companies a clear opportunity to launch their initiatives in Africa. Along with Google, many other tech giants like Facebook has also opened their AI hubs in the country.

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