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Gebeya Inc. The Training Academy Africa Completes Intensive Blockchain Training Session




With the rising demand of Blockchain professionals and developers all over the globe in various industries extending from technology health care, government and finance sectors, many training academies including Gebeya Inc. from Africa is looking forward to making the move in the game.

Gebeya is an African premier software engineering and IT training academy, where you will find the training program designed especially to meet the demand of raising enterprises need in different segments, process and issues. As per the latest news from the company, Gebeya with its partner, a nonprofit organization in the Silicon Valley, who supports Blockchain public network, have graduated its first batch from the training session.

The training ensures to equip graduates with the related skills necessary to shape Africa’s future in the Blockchain development. The reports said that the first 11 trained professionals and African developers emerge from the academy after the intensive Blockchain training.

Adamou Daffe, Chief Executive Officer and co-founders of Gebeya portrait their plan in the statement saying “through, Gebeya Blockchain academy, we aim to produce the next generation of African Blockchain engineers. Our goal is to become an African market reference for the Blockchain expertise.”

Another co-founder of Gebeya, Hiruy Amanuel recognized and highlighted the opportunities of the domestic training program in the continent in the statement “if there are trained professionals that are good at what they do and they don’t have opportunities in their country, then, of course, they are going to move to the U.S. or Europe.”

About Gebeya:

Gebeya is a prominent training academy in African space. It is well known is Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. The training course is extended over 40 days from Feb. 26, 2019 to March 5, 2019, across the week, targeting on educating engineers and professionals who already have experience in decentralized ledger technology as well as, train them in a way that they can do the same for new developers in the future.  With the program, Gebeya aims to train around 1000 and more Blockchain developers in African continents.

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