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Four Areas Where Small Business Owners Can Implement Artificial Intelligence



AI-based advertising platforms for marketing:

Four Areas Where Small Business Owners Can Implement Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is software that thinks intelligently, in a similar manner as a human think, learn, form insights and apply the necessary solution, while trying to solve problems.

Today, many renowned companies like Amazon and UPS are using AI to help employees succeed. Machine learning is used by UPS, to determine the most optimal routes for drivers whereas, Amazon is using AI-based robots to help people, organize and retrieve packaging. However, the amazing technology is not here, to assist only big corporations, there are numerous ways small businesses can take advantage. Below mentioned are some areas, where small business can leverage this revolutionary AI technology.

AI to train salespeople to sell better:

Sales representatives play a crucial role in business success and to monitor their working, AI uses the Tools like Gong, Chorus, and Jog record to transcribe their calls with the clients. These tools analyze performance and coach salespeople to communicate efficiently to the customers.

Allow employee engagement and development:

Artificial intelligence tool also helps corporations to monitor employee engagement and gather feedback where the small business lacks the resources, reducing the need of hiring HR to do so. AI tool also encourages workers to share their ideas and concerns over various issues to support the growth of the organization.

Deploy AI to better serve your customers:

To offer better service, companies need to interact more with the customers. The tools like chat bots and other forms of AI-based communication provide unique solutions to small businesses, to communicate with the consumers.

Chat bots provide assistance to customers 24/7 and immediately answer their query thus, improving customer experiences.

AI-based advertising platforms for marketing:

AI is a game changer for marketing. With AI, small businesses which were limited to whatever ads they could afford in local markets are now able to reach out the masses.

Organizations by using AI-based advertising platforms can collect and analyze consumer data to create multiple channels without hiring a large team of marketers.


It is found that AI is likely to impact marketing and sales while helping small cooperation’s to generate new business and adopt the latest technology using the resources available.

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