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Effective Ways To Have Secure Online Transactions



Strengthen Your Password

Effective Ways To Have Secure Online Transactions:

The online transaction has become a basic operation of the modern technology, increasing the risk of online frauds and security threats consequently. Today, the Billions of transactions taking place over the web, when we shop, bank, book tickets and transfer our money online using the internet, has also added more vulnerability to the system. This growing security issue is also raising the need to explore the approaches that can increase online security on the web, that secure you from hackers, malware, viruses, etc. As a customer dealing with online security, there are many approaches; one should adopt to reduce the effect of online treats during the transaction:

Ways To Secure Online Transactions:

Strengthen Your Password:

Password is an important layer of protection and should be created wisely. Avoid using a password that can be easily guessed, instead make it strong using upper and lower cases letter, special characters, numbers.

Secure Socket Layer:

Always check for (SSL) or https security on the login page of any particular bank’s website. (SSL) is a secure internet connection that hides what you are doing from unauthorized people. Identification of secure and insecure connection is simple. Https:// is a secured site while an Http:// is not secured, where s stands for security.

Secure Your Personal Data:

Today, many sites in order to improve personalization for the consumer, ask for the personal data including name, contact number, address, gender. Some of them also request for bank details which can be dangerous. Make sure to determine the site authenticity before sharing any information and never fall in prey of insecure sites.

Web Browser Privacy Mode:

This is the best tool that keeps you secure while making online payments. With this approach, browsers take the individual transacting money, to a payment window away from the public domain and also, this data get deleted instantly, after processing the transaction to keep users information secure.


With this new cutting age of technology when everything is moving online, security has become a major concern globally. There are many companies that are working hard to find approaches to secure you online. However, until then, work with the right approach or use above mentioned preventive measures to stay safe from cyber threats.

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