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Desktop Crypto Mining App Honeyminer Launches Services In MacOs



Honeyminer, a popular new jerky based cryptocurrency mining startup has announced its mining app to be available for MacOs (Macintosh operating system) users as posted by the company in the blog post on May 9, Thursday.

The launch of the mining app on the Apple Macintosh operating system is seen as a result of nine months of the development process by the honey miner team to address the demand of its users. Though previously, the services were only restricted to windows users.

This app by Honeyminer is set up in a way to run in The background leveraging central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) of the desktops to mine crypto assets (say Altcoin)  in the mining pools. Here the system automatically converts mined Altcoin or other digital tokens to bitcoin and then send them directly to users wallet for further transaction.

The Honeyminer also claims to add other features including mining while computers remain idle, an activity log to showcase mining statistics, currencies and hardware tools used, payouts and much more information’s.

At the moment, for what the Honeyminer is claiming an app designed for MacOs will support three dozen cryptocurrency including Monero, dash, Zcash, ethereum classic, ether and other GPU friendly digital assets. 

Now, MacOs users just like window users can enjoy the benefits of mining stress-free. The system will allow users to mine cryptocurrency even with a little amount to spend via Honeyminer, paving ways for those who find mining cryptocurrency costly.

Since the launch in 2018, Honeyminer has gathered a large user’s base. They are also continuously improving them more on development to grab more users from every platform. The development of the app for the Apple operating system is their first step in the direction. 

 According to the honey miners co-founder Larry Kom statement to the press last year  “we are pooling people together to find those block rewards faster, together we have a larger hash rate, not only do we connect you to the Blockchain and anonymize you through us, but you also are contributing to what is, in essence, a pool,”

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