Corporate Structuring of Your ICO & STO

Make Your ICO & STO Campaign Successful

Our blockchain and crypto minds leverage their understanding of relevant legalities to form a strong base for the success of your ICO & STO campaigns.

A successful Initial Coin Offering(ICO) & Security Token Offering (STO) help cryptocurrency or blockchain businesses climb the growth ladder.

A successful ICO & STO campaign is a great fund-raiser for business operations.
An effectively designed & implemented structure helps achieve this incredible feat.

We are the right you need to count on to get the best corporate structure designed for your ICO and STO campaign in Africa & UAE. We have designed and implemented corporate structures for many blockchain and cryptocurrency whales. This experience has given us the skills and knowledge to exceed your expectations.


Things We Value In This Process

We take care of many things while designing & implementing a corporate structure for your ICO and STO campaign. The list includes but is not limited to legal, tax, compliance, banking matters, selection of legal entity types and places to launch it based on unique complexities, and the list of options available in the jurisdiction of your choosing.

The Values We Offer

Your quest for the best company of specialists in Africa & UAE to structure and launch your ICO & STO campaign ends at DXB Apps. We offer you a wealth of turn-key solutions. Take a good look below:

Corporate Structure

We put our best foot forward to design and implement a failproof corporate structure for your ICO and STO to offer hassle-free ongoing operations, tax optimization, liability limitation, and protection of the highest quality possible.

Risk Mitigation

We make sure that your ICO and STO campaign complies with relevant legalities and you earn all the regulatory permissions required for its launch.

Bank Accounts

We have prepared a long list of crypto-friendly banks to help you deposit your proceeds for running your company and relevant operations. Talk to our specialists for further discussion about it.

ETH/Token to Fiat Conversion

We allow you to convert your funds raised through the ICO campaign to fiat currency leveraging OTC institutional Convert your ICO proceeds to fiat with our liquidity providers’ OTC network.

Tax Minimisation

We offer hassle-free access to our network of experienced and qualified tax advisors in the jurisdiction of your choice to help you sell your ICO proceeds without taxes or any fee.


We leave no stone unturned to keep your ICO and STO campaign in line with high KYC, AML/CTF standards to keep legal hot waters miles away and access onboarding platforms and banking through our trusted partners.

Access our unlimited wealth of proven experience and skills with custom ICO structuring and implementation plans through

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