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Future of Blockchain

Bitcoin’s success has triggered the establishment of nearly 1400 new cryptocurrencies, leading to the delusion that the only application of blockchain technology is for the creation of cryptocurrency.

However, the blockchain technology is capable of a lot more than just cryptocurrency creation and may support such things as transactions that require personal identification, peer review, elections and other types of democratic decision-making and audit trails.

Here is how….
BlackBerry Introduces Blockchain-Backed Platform Services

As part of its pivot into security and computing, a software company and former smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has released a Blockchain-powered platform. The new product focuses on the healthcare field, according to a press release published Oct. 4.

Per the announcement, BlackBerry has partnered with technology firm ONEBIO to develop a blockchain-backed “ultra-secure” ecosystem. The system is designed for the storage and sharing of medical data, where information can be entered by patients, laboratories, and the Internet of Things (IoT) biometric devices. Once entered, data will further be anonymized and shared with researchers.

While at one-time BlackBerry controlled 50 percent of the global Smartphone market, in the year 2016 the firm controlled less than 0.1 percent. While BlackBerry is still in the smartphone business — it will release its latest smartphone iteration on Oct. 10 — the recent blockchain initiative is indicative of the firm’s move into other fields.
Today, BlackBerry also announced a new quantum-resistant code signing service that will “allow software to be digitally signed using a scheme that will be hard to break with a quantum computer.”

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