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5 Amazing Social Media Trends To Keep An Eye On This Year



When we began discussing the new trends of social media, the industry has something amazing to offer to users every year. On one side while the industry is continuously living around the fear of privacy or data security threats and to keep up with the continuously raising competition, other side companies are working hard to explore more into social media as a most influencing marketing medium.

So gone are the days when social media was known as an alternative marketing channel, now with new trends in the market it is reinforcing the brand value.

With this being said, it is important for the business to be aware of top social media trends of the year that can potentially impact their marketing efforts, below are the top 5 social media trends, users need to focus this year.

Social Story Telling: With story feature added on a platform like Snapchat (platform known to have pioneered the story feature), Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp in recent years, social stories are assumed to be the current social media trend. The vertically oriented slide show set for the limited period is estimated to have grown 15 times faster than the feeds.   

AI-Powered Chatbots: Last two years have witnessed a high rise in users installing chatbots and personal messaging platform. With the rapid adoption of messaging platform like WeChat, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger the market has around 1 billion active users and the number is still increasing drastically.

Transparency And Privacy: With various breaches, scandals and controversies over privacy and transparency, the year 2018 was a struggling period of social media networks. We have seen Facebook alleged for privacy and data sharing and Twitter fighting against troll accounts and harassment issues. Therefore it’s no wonder they have surely impacted the user’s trust on the social media platform.

Thus to move consistently in the market, the social media network needs to come with more secure and transparent platforms in years to come.

Video That Set You Live: There is no doubt that video marketing impact greater than most of the blog post cannot do. Its visual features drive more customers’ engagement, views along with huge tariff.

And it is going to stay and impacting the wide areas in future. With that being the case, the business now need to work in regards to produce video contents for live video, storytelling ads, commercials, repurposing video contents etc.

Shift To E-Commerce: Social media has witnessed a shift to e-commerce with various platforms like Instagram, Facebook allowing users to buy products through their shoppable posts and market place respectively. Though this new social media trends the platforms allows users to discover, buy and sell products without losing the hold on the network. Moreover, we accept to see more additional e-commerce feature to be added to the social media network.  

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