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4 Ways Of Experimenting Blockchain Into Business



After the evolution of Blockchain in the bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamato back in 2008 as a technology underlying bitcoin. The tech-savvy world has soon realized that the new decentralized technology has a lot to offer.

Hence, in the beginning, the public ledger technology that has made an entry in the world to assist financial transaction has moved forward to change various other days to day processes in the world. In its emergence in the decade, Blockchain has also transformed the way business operates.

4 Ways To Experiment Blockchain Into The Business Application:

Today, there are various companies that have already implemented Blockchain technology into their everyday operations, however, for businesses that are still looking to explore the ways to implement the amazing technology, we bring you some of the basic tips to start experimenting Blockchain in your business applications.

Blockchain As A Service: 

Popularly known as BaaS (Blockchain as a service), it is the most recommended way of implementing Blockchain into business especially for new users. With this platform, users do not need to invest money on the development or deployment of the Blockchain into current infrastructure. There are various clouds providers such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure offering users an opportunity to begin implementing the already designed and tested platform with a customizable option to match your preference.

Smart Contract:

The smart contract which was first introduced in 1993 has now become a recent buzz in the news related to Blockchain application in industry, after its mention in ethereum white paper. Smart contract as the name indicated has revamped the typical concept of traditional contract ensuring validation and verification of information at every step. Such contracts hold the promise to simply process in various companies including pharmaceuticals, supply chain, health care and banking. 

Using A Decentralized Ledger Platform:

Although ethereum and bitcoins are known as the most popular digital currency in the world, they are also known for their open-source platform available for everyone dealing with the network. They tend to offer business easy access and a publically available platform to host transaction and applications.  However one of the downsides of this pubic Blockchain platform is the cost you pay for each transaction that runs on the server of currency miner.

Design A Blockchain As You Wish:

We have seen software developers putting a lot of effort for preparing a Blockchain platform customizable to the client’s preference. This option will allow you to design the Blockchain platform in the way want. For example, you can ask developers to design a Blockchain privately accessible tailored according to your business need.

Wrap Up:

We hope with this guide on Blockchain in hand, you got the clear idea on how to implement Blockchain into a business. If you want to tune your business application with the new tech across the world, our article about Blockchain will help you achieve your goal.

For more such information, visit us on Blockchain Africa, the online platform for news related to Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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